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FF8 sound in movies.

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I'm trying every single setting i could possibly think of to get this sounds to work right. It kinda skips and repeats itself ATM, all I can do is make it more/less frequent.

I've tried Pete's D3D & OpenGL drivers with settings like that of FF9.

Null's 1.3 & 1.2 again just like FF9, worse if I don't do it this way.
With Pete's MIDAS plugin it skips more often.

and Petes CDR Aspi 1.3.

Anyone out there have a good configuration I could try...

System is a Athlon 800 T-Bird on KT7-R
video is Radeon 64
sound SB Live!

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try to use Internal SPU Plugin
I find that Null2 and Midas skip a lot in most games I have, that is why I use the Internal SPU, but it does make the sound kinda fuzz up.
tried it after reading someone else had the same problem, and worked great. Thanks. Now if only I could get PaRappa to work....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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