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FF8 probs

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:wave: Hello friends. I was wondering if you could help a no0b out. You see my problem is two fold. I cannot get the battle menu for ff8 to show up. I've managed to somewhat work around this as I've figured out how to use my GFs. My second problem however, is that the R and L buttons will not work together in battle (i.e. I can't run). Once again this normally wouldn't be much of a problem but I haven't beaten the giant mechanical spider yet. In order to win that particular mission you have to be ablee to run away before it regenerates, I cannot do this. If the info will help I'm running the game off of the discs. :D
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first problem : post your video plugin settings (and computer specs) to get maximum help, but generally increase framebuffer access and/or framebuffer textures

second problem : Do the 2 keys assigned to the R and L work normally together (try pressing them both and see if the computer beeps). If they don't then try either setting both to the same key (problematic with other games) or setting them to keys like control and shift, etc.
are you using the keyboard? it might be puking out on you..what keys did you bind to L and R anyway?
I just used the default settings for the video. I changed the fps limit cause the game was too fast but other than that it's default. My comp has an AMD Sempron 3000+ processor, 256mb pc2700 DDR SDRAM memory, 40Gb ultra dma hard drive.
oh and I used w and r for the L and R buttons.
well change framebuffer texture to 1 and access to 2, or 2-1 or (will show better results but will be slower on your compie) or 2-3 or 0-4 or 3-0 or something. Try them all. And set offscreen drawing to 2 or 3 as well.

and did you do what I asked about the L&R?
I got the menu problem fixed so thx for that. But I still can't get the r and l fixed.
oh, I fully understand what you said now brilliant! It's all fixed now! Thx guys! :D
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