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FF8 PPF?? Don't get it?

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Well, I'm new to this forum, and I just dicovered, when I red the Help Files of ePSXe, that I need a PPF Patch to make Final Fantasy 8 work... The thing is, I found the thing i needed on your website (Final Fantasy 8 FRA PAL Download), but when I click on the link, it brings me to News page. Unfortunaly, I can't find this FRA Pal anywhere else than here...

Can someone help me??

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you can just make a PPF patch using Peops CDR plugin and your gameCD...or have someone else send you the PPF. its down at our website....
Well could someone send it to me? I'll give my email, just make me a PM to make sure...

more of a comment than anything really...
why does it seem most of the problems users have with games are PAL regioned?
a lot of PAL games have copy protection...NTSC U/C games don't....either that or a lot of stuff available for download is PAL (just a wild guess)
*sorry, this site has a hella amount of ilegal material on it*
There are a lot of ppf patches available here, such as trainer addons, protection fixes for PAL, Region converters, and a few other patch types... some patches here have been know to be corrupt, but nothing that will harm your computer.
bluekirby0, you shouldn't provide links to places like that one, it's agaisn't our rules.

Regarding ppf patches, google is your friend. You'll find ppf patches quickly using it.
ichan you need to learn proper usage of the word "hella" :p
Sorry, I did a google search and that was the first thing that came up... wasn't aware it was taboo...
yeah, actually, that's why we made the NGemu PPF section, because we got sick of "google for it" (or actually i think people got sick of Kane saying that :p )
Can someone put up a link to the NGEmu PPF section then? I cannot seem to access the main page and haven't been able to for a few days now...
Ok there should be a FF8 patch on that page that will work then, as there are a few different PAL versions listed. No google necessary :p
here's the correct link:

ironically, the directory structure changed, yet the links cannot be updated from the CMS.... :p
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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