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FF8 Patch Help

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First of all sorry if this has already been asked. Ive searched thru the threads, but couldnt find anything.

Im trying to play a PAL version of FF8, but according to the FAQ I need to patch a backup copy of it.

1.How do I create a backup and what software do I need?

2.Where can I get this patch?

Thanks for any help

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1. goto and get the demo of cdrwin which will enable you to make an iso of FF8.... There are other programs as well to do this..

2. goto and do a search for "psx patches"... It will list the site with the patches that you require.. Get the version of the patch that matches the country code of your game.. ie. US? get the US patch. or Italian? get the Italian Pal patch.. I can't give you the site directly since it has been stated several times that the site has illegal stuff(I still haven't seen any but.....)

3. Get the patching program from the same site..

4. REad everything in the readmes that come with those programs and patches to patch your version of FF8..

5. If you still got problems.... come back here..:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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