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I can see the MDECs in FF8 (North American NTSC) just fine in epsxe1.40. (I have force NTSC, but it works under AUTO too)

I have a nvidia Geforce 2 (detonator 12.41 drivers)
DirectX 8, Windows 98se & Windows 2000
here are my settings.

Pete's OGL 1.51
R8 G8 B8 A8 texture quality
4-extended w/o sprite Flitering

type 2- Dyanamic Caching

Frame Rate Limiter: ON
Frame Skipping: OFF
Auto Detect FPS: ON

Off screen Drawing: 3-Extended
FrameBuffer: 2-Gfx card buffer
Alpha,maskbit,advanced blending all checked

In Gamefixes: Frambuffer on

I can also use his software GPU and D3D GPU and I can still see everything just fine. If you still have a problem try using executor and manually selecting MDEC options ON.
or go into the registry and just delete the epse entry.
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