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FF8 Issue

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So ive played this game all the way to the 3rd disc with no probs but when i board the ragnarok in space and make my way to the cabin right after squall is done putting in the info to return to earth the radio guy says all done then the games jus kinda stops. It doesnt rly freeze cause the stars in the background are still moving and the characters still blink but i cant move or get out of the chair...thought i jus had to wait it out so i let it sit for an hour and still nothin happens. Ive tried many diff plugins and tried all available configs but it still happens...any help would be great thanks.
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the eyes on me song is meant to play at that point, however its well known that save states around that point screws up and prevents the song from playing.
oh.... thats probably why.... the game needs the audio cue to succeed in order to continue.
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