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hey guy, u guys ben asked this time and time again....
but hell with it once more.....

is there any hope of ever playing ff8 or 7 of 9 or anything without it looking crap?
like im using petes open_gl thing or whatever and its a hell of a lot better than most plugins, and ive tweaked it like crazy for days, hours, weeks.....
a few people have mentioned it depends on your graphics card on your comp

i dunno how to even check what graphics card I have, but its a fairly newish pc....
i always took for granted how important the lush visuals were in ffVIII, and if you guys say that epsxe CAN NOT possibly do it, then thats cool, just thought id ask and annoy you guys cos im a very curious person and all thsoe pixels are making me feel sick....

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if you dont know how to check what kind of graphics card you have, then you are in a bit of crap because most likely what you have sucks ;)

go to Start--> Run and type in dxdiag. in the box that comes up, copy down the info and report it back here.

example, you'll need your DirectX version, RAM amount, CPU type and speed (main tab) and under the display tab copy down what it says at the top under "Name"
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