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FF8 freezes on 3rd disc (NTSC U/C)

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it's when you have the flashback to Laguina (sp?) and he's fighting that dragon. after the minibattle you see Kiros and Ward show up, then when I walk to the dragon the game freezes... does anyone have this problem, or is it only my disc images? (yes, I own the game)
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i've never heard of this problem before...

go through the usual procedures. load off a memory card. if that doesnt work, try a software plugin. if that doesnt work, try a different version of ePSXe. if that doesnt work, try PSXeven or PCSX.

if you've played the game before and dont mind, you can post your game save and i (or someone else) will pass that part for you.
I haven't been to my computer yet (it's not at my house) but I saved right before the fight and loading off the memory card doesn't work. I can, however get into the debug rooms (using PEC) but I don't remember what's next, and it keeps freezing for no reason. I've fiddled with the debug room before on a PSX and it's never frozen my system (I've gotten lost a few times though) what software plugin? any of the CD plugins I have?

edit: yea, I can't type...
DemonSui said:
1. what software plugin?
2. and of the CD plugins I have?
1. The P.E.Op.S Software plugin can be downloaded here.
This plugin isolates most problems caused by hardware emulation.

2. You are unsure of CDR plugins? Config--->Cdrom.
List all you plugins used and their respective configs in ePSXe here.

What hushypushy means, is to try running the game off the CD.
And if all else fails, try using PSXeven.
I have all the plugins. I downlaoded them in one package. I shall try running it off the CD, like I said, it could just ba a bad dump and I'll try remaking it. I'm familliar with CD/CDr plugins and DVDr plugins. I have messed on PCSX2 also, so I'm not an entire newbie when it comes to CD emulation I'm not a newbie to emulation either, I use severalemulators and I'm used to configuring them.
Well, that's good to hear...
I generally do not have other emulation ports, because I do not own them.

I have knowledge of using them, setting them up including various emulation ports, one, which would be the PCSX2, a fast growing Playstation 2 emulator that is capable of emulating Playstation 2 games via a DVD-ROM drive, though not fully developed.

Secondly, would apply to the Playstation emulation. A field that I best specialise in. :)

Thirdly, the Gameboy Advance emulation port. An quick and easy GUI allows for quick setup.

Fourthly, the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) emulation port. I personally use ZSNES for its high customiseability. I can't believe I still own the the console and its still working...
please fix where you quoted me, I edited that to saty what it should have.

I own a PS2 and Xbox.
The one game that still isn't emulated that I wanna play is Top Gear 3000 I had a shot at playing it on a real SNES but my father wasn't gonna have it it was to "automated" for me. (I was younger, but I was still just as good at games.) mostly I have an SNES emulator to get used to Hexing cheats. (yea, I was big on cheating)
I play N64 on emulators too, my brother owns an N64 but is a jerk about it. I rarely downlaod roms though, only games I haven't played in ages or never got around to playing.
I hat A GBA emulator, but haven't downloaded it again (my computer crashed... ;(
I have messed with PCSX2 and it's comming along nicely. I personally think 0.7 was better, but I'm not one to be talking. (I screwed up my plugins because copied my 0.7 plugins into the 0.8 folder and they didn't work..)
DemonSui said:
I rarely downlaod roms though, only games I haven't played in ages or never got around to playing.
you should never be downloading roms. i'm sure you've seen [rules]these[/rules] before, come on man....
not PSX roms. others, I make ISOs myself.
Doesn't matter, don't mention dowloading anything illegal here ;).
ok, sorry. but is it illegal if I actually own the game? (still not refering to psx)

hushypushy said:
i've never heard of this problem before...
Well, I got pased it, with the CD, bad dump I guess.. but now I'm stuck at the white seeD ship... I'll post the card when I get a floppy to put it on.
It still is illegal. You have to dump the ROM from your own cartridge for it to be legal and if you sell the game, you have to delete the ROM. Also, just for future reference, please don't double post. Edit your previous post instead :).
this is news to me, I was told differently. (about downloading games you own)
that's ok, you were misinformed. now you know the real news ;)

anyway i think the crash at the white SeeD ship is another one of those crashes that everyone that case i suggest going through the standard troubleshooting procedures, different emulator, dont use save states, different graphics plugin...
I use PEC, I can save anywhere. as a matter of fact I saved right infront of the Pilot of the garden.
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