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ff8 closer to perfection

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well, i finally got ff8 (almost) perfectly working. even with battle transitions, flashing boxes, etc. all solved. problems now (very small ones):
1) during battle, the atb flashes, but very slightly
2) battle transitions, slow down for less than a sec, but look perfect
well, i haven't done that much testing with these settings, but it seems to be ok. i've attached the settings + dont forget the ff8 special fix.

i used these settings before, but had a huge huge slow down during battle transitions, but i recently reformatted, and also updated my graphics drivers, then it worked, so it's definitely something to do with that.
my comp:
p4 2.4ghz
1gig ram
geforce 6800gt 71.89 NO overclocking/tweaking whatsoever
win xp pro sp2, with no updates after sp2

some of these settings (ie full screen smoothing) are up to personal preferance. the important things are framebuffer effects+upload. some of you don't have these problems, but for those who do, it's either reformatting or 71.89, or both, that should solve the problem.
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interesting. you didnt like Kane's settings, eh? :p
oh, i love his settings, but he stated that it was almost impossible to get the battle transition working on the world map without a significant slowdown (or something like that if i remember right), but i've managed to do it, somehow, pretty sure it's the reformat and/or new nvidia driver.

dunno how i can prove this other than by using video. or a real-time animated gif or soemthing, but that would be a ***** to do
I did play around a bit and got it working. As it turned out it was the way in which I was changing the settings in game
yeah, i found out about this in-game too, it's just ff8 pc didn't work for me, (6800gt doesn't support 8-bit paletted textures well or something, get these black boxes), so i tried the emu again, but really don't like that black messy world map battle transition, so i tried the old settings which really slowed down the transitions, but it suddenly worked ok, so i was happy.
Ah, the black boxes is caused by AF or AA IIRC, I can't remember which.
pretty sure it's AF, or at least hte wrong texture settings.
yeah, i read somewhere that it's to do with af or aa (qhimm forums), and switched them off in the nvidia settings, but still no difference. there were some texture settings in rivatuner that looked like it could fix something, but i didn't want to do anything stupid, so just left it. it's too bad..ff8 on pc with soundfonts is really great + better fonts.
(yeah i know about edit, not sure if it would show in the forum that this thread has been updated though so...)

i found out something new with the same settings above. if you use save states, to save only (loading into one is ok, but obviously that won't happen since saving doesn't work), it will cause the huge slowdown during battle transitions.

to fix it, either save normally, or through savestate, close epsxe, the load, and it should be ok, but don't save using savestates.

also, i'm not sure about this, but tampering with fps limiting+skipping might also screw things up. once again, just save, exit and reload.
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