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ff8 battle problem

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when i get ready for a battle the screen really slowly changes to the fight it takes like 1 minute maybe for the fight to show on the screen...can somebody help me out please?
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Do you have Full VRAM Primitives enabled or Frame Buffer Textures enabled? This may cause the slow down. I suggest turning off Full VRAM and set Frame Buffer Textures to black. But, you'll lose the fancy 'swirl' just before going into battle.
But, you'll lose the fancy 'swirl' just before going into battle
There is a swirl effect in FF8 (that's EIGHT)? I don't think so ;)

Well, the battle transition in that game (FF8) is slow with my gpu... speed drops to 20 FPS
on my system for a few seconds... but one minute... pfff... play around with
the gpu settings or try a different plugin
Is it possible to emulate those special effects without FVP in the future? Those effects are in many square rpgs. The background camera in smackdown2 also use framebuffer texture. gfx card buffer just shows same result as black for me. I have to use emulated vram. It works perfectly, all effects are there without glitches but it can be slow sometimes... ...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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