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Okay so there are tons and tons of ff7 threads here but none address this problem i have. i've tried everything, even making an iso. But nothing works.
I'm using epsxe160(i've tried 3 other ones too, and other emulators).
The problem:
I just got out of midgar and i am suppose to go east to get to the first town but when i try and get into it the screen turns black, the music goes chaotic and every once in a while there is this deep buzzer noise that i would guess means Access denied. I am using an original cd but my ps2 broke so i'm using this. The cd is a little scratched but i've played really badly scratched burnt games of epsxe and its worked fine.
Anybody have any guesses?

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You won't find support for warez here, kthxbuy :rolleyes:
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