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FF7 slows and skips

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I used to have epsxe on an other Pc and ff7 worked perfect, and my old pc had sis chrome LOL

But i got a new PC and downloaded ff7 but at first, all the graphics were "stretched" after fixing that problem, It was working perfectly till about 15 minutes in then it started slowing down and skiping frames.
My Pc configs are...

Sis mirage 3 graphics, 184 Mg graphics card

System manufacturer-acer
system model-aspire m1610
Bios- phoenix award bios v6.00pg
memory- 894 mb ram
direct x version 10
Os- vista home premium

As for my psxe...
Peops soft driver 1.18
fullscreen 1152 x 864 - default
color depth 32 bit
transparent fps display
use fps limit
auto detect fps/frame skipping limit
use sytem memory

I have tryed to use other video cards but one of them is to small, and when i tried to fullscreen it, it had green lines in it, and all the others don't work at all(actually, they all have green lines)
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