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FF7 - slow..

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i know it may sound stupid.. but my pc cant "see" my Gforce 4...
i'm using Kane's settings.. i must say that PC games work..
is it the main reason why my game is slow or is it something else?
and what can i do?
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With older Geforce cards, sometimes the newest drivers are unstable and cause crashes. Try installing only the driver that comes with your card, or if you lost it or something, search on google or something for the best driver for that card. With my older Geforce FX, I could only use v.4x.xx, the newest being 6x.xx. Once you find the driver, go to the nvidia site, download driver page, then click on download older drivers or something, then you'll get a huge list of all driver releases. Then click and dl the one you want.

Sometimes the brand that made those cards will have optimised drivers for their own card, like Inno3d or ASUS (I live in HK, you may not be familiar with these - just examples anyway). Go to the site of your brand and dl the optimised drivers if they exist, if not, check troubleshooting or around the site for solutions if possible.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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