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system info


p3 600mhz

[mem stuff]
32mb ram (don't ask, i don't know)
128 mem
1gig vmem

Nvidia TNT2 (latest driver)

Samsung CD-ROM SC-148C

TBS Montego II PCI Audio
TBS Montego II Sound Blaster Pro Emulation
Wave Device for Voice Modem

Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.50

Pete's MIDAS Audio Driver 1.7

Pete's ASPI driver 1.2

bios- tried all of them

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Keep bumping and we will keep ignoring. A better way to spend your times is to use that AWESOME forum feature in the upper right hand corner the SEARCH function. There is about a million FF7 posts and I have no doubt your answer is there.

SO get up off your lazy bum and don't rely on us to find your answers. Take the initiative and find it yourself!

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Try different cd rom pluggins.. I suggest trying Tgsmcdec pluggin.. It may just be that your cd rom has problems reading raw data.. But that pluggin is suppose to fix that.. Other things to try is press f4 before that point.. Make sure you have set your memcards right.. Make sure your cd isn't too scratched.. Try these and see if any of em work..
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