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FF7 PC to FF7 EPSXE Save

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Hello, well i am having a huge problem in the end of Final Fantasy VII PC, I beat sephiroth and then i go to the part where tifa and cloud are alone and cloud says "He's still here, I can feel him" then in the followoing cutseen, it freezes. I really want to see these cutscenes and the only way to see them (from what i beleive) is to play it on my PSX emulator. I have my old psx discs laying around and i decided to play the rest through there. BUT i do not want to play my 40+ hours again just to get to the end. The last time i did this for ff8, there was a program called PSX memtool that let me convert the PC gamesave to epsxe, but since then, the files are offlline and i cant download the vital PSXMemtool runtime librarys. Does someone have the files and is it possible for them to upload them? Is there another way to do this? Or is there a patch that prevents me to HAVE to skip using Gypt?
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Or you could just download a Save from Gamefaqs and save yourself the trouble of having to convert it yourself.
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