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I don't know what the problem is, but I think that my FF7 disc2 is messed up. There's one part (on disc 2) where you watch a scene (the one that you need the key from underwater to view), but for some reason any emulator won't let me view it. I tried running it directly from the CD, and re-ripping the iso, but, It doesn't work. The screen gets black and it makes a buzz sound every few minutes.

I was wondering if anyone out there that has final fantasy 7 can play through the scenes that show for me then save it and send it back? I'm stuck after putting in so much effort into the game.

::Final Fantasy 7 (European version, PAL) disc 2::

Link can be found here -->

Enter the structure up ahead, take the left path and continue ahead until you reach the waterfall, watch the events unfold, save the game, then send it back. SOMEONE HEEELLPPPPP :)
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