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Hi, I'm doing an FF7 TAS: YouTube - antdgar3's Channel

The big problem is as follows:

Sometimes after defeating a boss the game puts you straight into the same boss battle again! [like this: kill boss -> victory pose -> menu comes up showing Gil and items won -> battle swirl and 2nd fight with boss]

Obviously there is no reason to fight a boss twice. After defeating the 'glitched' 2nd battle the game progresses as normal.

This can happen with any boss. It totally ruins my speedrun because there's no way for the game to act normally without wasting a ton of time.
I've found that either getting into an extra battle or saving+loading fixes the problem. But obviously this is not acceptable, as the game is not supposed to act this way.

I'm wondering if someone can fix it. I have a savestate in the Boss battle, which will show the glitch.
Savestate and Movie File

You can play the PXM movie file using this version of PCSX, really simple:
pcsxrr - Project Hosting on Google Code

Place the files in the correct directory, and play the PXM (playstation movie file) or use the save-state to load!

I really hope this can be fixed so I can progress with my tool-assisted speedrun :D Many people would like this fixed: TASVideos :: View topic - Final Fantasy VII (Lua scripts?)

Thanks for reading

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oftopic is it just me who sees a advantage of fighting a boss twice

just a question do you keep the exp and items from both battles or just the one?
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