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FF7 - getting it to work well.

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Ok. I've got a number of Problems with FF7, but i'm sure most of them have been remedied at some point.

My first and major one is the awful transition between Battles. My computer seems to get really choopy, as does the sound through these sections. Could anyone help with this?

Also im intrested in hearing what kind of Plugin/Config combo would work well with my kind of system:

Athlon TB900
128mb RAM
GeForce II MX
30x CDrom drive (DVD as well Pioneer as a make)
rotting UDMA33 HD

Thanks for any help you could give me

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the game is loading from the cd at that transition..... Running it off an iso will greatly reduse the long loading which is why the game slows down while its loading the game from the cd....... Since you got a geforce2 mx, I suggest you use petes ogl pluggin as it seems to work best with geforce cards...... Dont enable full vram primitives and set your graphics card buffer to black for fastest speed in the game......

petes ogl gpu 1.5
petes cd rom pluggin
internal spu pluggin..........
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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