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FF7, FF9, ISO's and more

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I just got hold of FF7 and FF9 and need to copy them by Saturday. My burnner is acting stupid again (buffer underrun at 2x!). I need to know if:

1)VGS plays ISOs
2)what patches/software will I need to get it to play on VGS (FF9)
and 3) Will the ISO's make an EXACT copy of the disk?

Thanks all!
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1)VGS plays ISOs if you use something like Daemon Tools.
2)The patch you need for FF9 can be found at
3)It depends on your version of the game,if it's the NTSC(US) or NTSC/J(Japan),then no problem,but if it's a PAL version then you need to patch the game with the crack from paradogs(except the UK PAL version since no crack is available).
OK, I just got the patch and the game works on my computer. Now I have another problem. Not with the skippy sound or the speed but with a CD-R copy set I just made. My drive keeps detectiong the CD-R vcersion as music CD's.anyone else have this problem? I need to get this coppied by Saturday along with FF7. Any suguestions on an ISO maker or how to get the CD-R working right?
Which program did you use to copy them?
Easy CD creator 4.0 (I think) can't remember what the company was that made it. I'm still looking for an ISO creator program. Anybody know of one because I can't find one!
I have easy cd creator 4.0 also and in order to make good iso's you have to:

1)go to the program in the start menu and click the copy cd thing. a box sould come up looking like the following:

2)then click on cd information at the top, it sould show you track the data is on the tell it to read track, then just save it.

3) when the file is on your hard drive double click it then it will go on from there
OK. Now I'm mad! I just copied the game to an ISO file hoping to be able to burn it onto a CD-R. I went to create data CD and then create CD from CD image. It found the ISO invalid co, once again, I put the first FF9 disk in along with a blank CD-R and went to copy it. And once again, It copied the ENTIRE CD as an Audio disk! Anyone else have this problem?Is the game to big to be put onto a CD-R (set)? What should I do?
OK,so,use CDRWIN( or Isobuster( to make your ISO.
Then,before to burn it,test it on an emu to see if it works.
I dont see the problem I have copied FFIX already with ecdc4
did the iso look like this
I think this may be a setting in ECDC that causes your problem.
OK. I'm creating the ISO images now for FF7 and just downloaded WINCD (or whatever it's called) to burn the image onto CD-R. My ISO image doesn't look like the picture. What OS are you using? I'm running on WinME. Well, thanks for the help. I'll reply ASAP to tell you guys if it worked or not.
that was easy cd creator 4.0 iso's

im also using Win ME

thats what your files should look like if you followed my instructions
do you have this program

raziel you may be right cuz I got it to work fine
SUCCESS! Thanks for the info on FFIX and the wincdr program! I'm making the first 2 Disks tonight and the next 2 tomarrow. I've only got the first one done and hopefully I will have the others in notime. But now that I have the topics of ISO's and CD-R's out of the way, I need to know what is the best EMU for FF9. I tried ePSXe and it didn't work too well so I tried the patched version of VGS and it works with ocasional sound skips and VERY fast speed ups. Usually an EMU has slow down. VGS seems to have speedup problems. What do you guys suguest for an EMU?
ePSXE works perfect here with FF9.
ePSXe gives me problems with sprites. I either have to put up with flickering, poor sound, slow graphix or a combonation of the three. VGS is nice but skips sometimes. It's playable though. Another problem with my ePSXe was after the very first fight sceen when you go to the meeting it goes totally blank and will net come up.

I'm the lucky one in my house. My computer is the ONLY computer in my house that can do emulation with VGS for some reason.I get some sort of 'can not run VGS' on my dad's computer and my sisters laptop. ePSXe works on my dad's computer but gives me the same problem at the meeting. any othe5r emulators that work REALLY good (better than VGS)? And PLEASE don't say Bleem. It crashes on startup.

P.S. Any programs out there that can make VGS run faster?
Originally posted by Linker
ePSXe gives me problems with sprites. I either have to put up with flickering, poor sound, slow graphix or a combonation of the three.

Can U give Ur computer configuration?
if its a good comp, then it should work.
Reffer to the epsxe forum for further information
(Just put a thread)
I've got VGS working on my dad's new computer. It kicks! It's got a 850MHz processor, sweet sound system, Dimond stelth 3000 3D video card, 17" monitor, and TONS more. It gives almost flawless performance. I can upgrade it to a 1GHz processor. It's awsome. I'm also using a Saitek X6-32M gamepad. It's awsome! it has all the PSX buttons (except start and select) and has microswitched for turbo buttons, autofire, R1/R2 and L1/L2 on/off switches. I've been playing FF9 and it hasn't given me any problems since I swwitched from my 450 MHz to my dad's 850 MHz. The games work good on my 450 but best on 850. I don't remember what I'm using for ePSXe settings. (Think the Video and sound are made by the same people. They start with a 'k'.) I'm sure I'm using Pete's CDR for the cd-rom driver. PSXEMU RULES!
That's strange... VGS ran perfectly for me (with the occasional frame skips) but I didn't get any speedups. The only 2 emulators that can run FF9 are epsxe and VGS, which you've already tried. You have to take your pick among those.

When burning PSX discs use Nero, CloneCD or CDRWIN. EZ CD Creator cannot properly copy PSX CDs, and most other copyrighted material.
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