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hey, I'm using pec on my emu for FF7 and trying to get a great chocobo (choco and 2 spirals) but the list of enemies that I pulled from don't have it on there so I tried using my own values for the enemies. anyways I started with 1 as the value and increased after each battle, the thing is that I keep getting these weird triangles as enemies and sometimes after a hit they vanish and the game does nothing. anyways here is the list that I have so far, everything is in hex and the ones i didn't list are triangles.

0E-2 mighty grunt
0F-2 mighty grunt
1b-6 adamantaimai-can't see the back 3
20-devil ride
21-2 custom sweeper
22-2 kalm fang and devil ride
23-2 devil ride
24-kalm fang and 2 prowler
25-2 custom sweeper
26-3 kalm fang
27-2 kalm fang and prowler
28-2 devil ride
29-3 kalm fang
2A-kalm fang and 2 prowler
2B-2 kalm fang and prowler
2C-3 kaml fang
2D-2 kalm fang
2E-2 kalm fang and prowler
2F-kalm fang and prowler
30-levrikon and 2 mu
31-3 levrikon
32-2 levrikon
33-3 levrikon
34-4 mandrogora

does anybody have a clue as to what the value is for the chocobo and 2 spirals? also, for anyone that has a GS, put 08 in for the value and get ready to level up
the code I am using is 80116274 0???

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35-2 elfadunk
36-levrikon and 2 elfadunk
37-levrikon 2 mandrogora elfadunk
38-chocobo 2 mandrogora
39-chocobo levrikon mandrogora
3B-2 levrkon
3C-chocobo 2 levrikon
3D-chocobo 2 elfadunk
3F-2 elfadunk
40-2 nerosuferoth
41-2 nerosuferoth and formula
43-zemelett 2 nerosuferoth
44-2 nerosuferoth
45-3 nerosuferoth
46-Hell Rider VR2
47-2 formula
4A-3 formula
4B-5 capparwire
4C-2 cappawire
4D-2 cappawire
4E-chocobo 3 cappawire
4F-chocobo 2 cappawire
50-chocobo 2 mandrogora
51-chocobo 2 cappawire
52-2 mandrogora
53-mandrogora 2 cappawire
58-2 needle kiss
59-cokatolis 2 needle kiss
5A-2 needle kiss
5B-2 needle kiss
5C-3 beach plug
5D-4 beach plug
5E-3 beach plug
5F-2 spencer battle square
60-3 spencer flapbeat

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Ok, well, I'm not against cheating, but just do it the normal way. I recently played the game, and got my gold chocobo, it's really not that hard. First, equip your chocobo lure, 2 if you have them, and build them up a bit, AP wise, then go to the mideel area which has the spirals, walk around a bit then savestate (I think they're safe to use, I always do-save normally just in case if you want). Then move around a bit more to enter a random battle, if you see spirals, straight away switch to another savestate and save again (f2 then f1, simple), feed the chocobo with cheapest gysahl greens, it really doesn't take long to kill off spirals, and if required, feed it again. Of course, make sure you don't attack the damn thing. Use the save states also before mating/moving into stables, to save time.

I have to say, as a cheater myself, that what you're doing is pretty pointless, you prob waste more time entering and continuously trying to get these cheats to work (like the previous exp one), when you could've done it the normal way, or even quicker with a speed boost (fps limitation off). Coz all these cheats only save a little time. Levelling up in FF7 is easier than any other FF I've played, 30 mins from level 70 to 99, and since your non-active characters also gain a portion of the exp, they end up pretty close.

If you want to play the game and enjoy it as much as possible without using big cheats, then don't cheat at all and simply run through it without optional levelling up at any stage, you don't need to, just make sure you pick up, steal, etc. (get all the missable stuff) at the right times to get the good equipment/materia. Then do all that crap at the end. With your nick/avatar and all, I wouldn't expect you to cheat in the first place.

What annoys me even more, why don't you just use the damn chocobo stable codes?? I told you about other available cheat device sites? Did you even look??
The first has the stables codes, the second has the enemies.

EDIT: btw, fireblaster_lyz meant don't waste space making two extra posts, just edit your first. You basically wasted space unnecessarily, twice. And, posting the huge list of enemies, I doubt anyone's going to go out of their way to find this one code. Anyway, the problem with codes, I'm not sure you should be posting that in these forums, it's probably a code problem, since you got the other codes to work. So go to CMGSCCC.

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you can see the damn thing from the thumbnail itself

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thanks for the triangle info, and sorry about the edit button, I didn't realize what he was talking about, anyways I got it figured out and I don't use the chocobo stable codes because those also crash on my computer, don't know why
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