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FF7, changing ISO's..

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Hey guys,
I just completed FF7 disc 1, it is asking for CD 2 but it won't play for some reason...

The CD is an ISO, but the problem is just switching between them whilst it asks.

I've tried using the ISO's directly, and i've tried emulating them as a CD rom too.

It just sticks on the message insert disc 2.., i can't try saving to memory card, loading CD 2 up then loading it because for some reason ePSXe crashes everytime i try to load the memory card up (i think it's something to do with me quicksaving).

Any help is apreicated, thanks.
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nossr51 said:
Have you tried SAPU's plugin w/ daemon tools?

Worked for me.
I could try that..

hushypushy said:
load your last memory card save from PSXeven and try it in there.
Don't really want to do that as the save game is quite far back...
Edit: oh.. PSXeven is something else *googles*

right, PSXeven works exactly the same as epsxe. In epsxe, i can load games ok, it's just when i'm using my save state THEN trying to save to the memory card.

I tried transferring the save states to PSXeven but it doesn't seem to work..
Lord Zedeck said:
Then it wouldn't be any specific problem to your case alone. Savestates themselves are known to cause problems. I'd avoid them whenever possible (personally, I never use them).

As for the saves, I think you have to change the format to transfer them over. Something about altering the last letters after the period in the file name, or something I believe? I think that's wrong, but I'll let someone else answer that.
Right, *mentally noted :D*, i did save every now and then just incase if something like this did happen, but where i am is quite far back, and its going to be quite annoying if i have to continue way back...

Now this conversion thing.... anyone got any help? I googled but couldn't find anything.
hushypushy said:
try one of these:

by the way. never save state then save to memory card. do it the other way around (as in, save to your memory card and when that is done save state).
ok i'll keep that in mind.

but that link you gave me is to convert memory card saves, and not save states.

the memory card saves work perfectly fine when i just copy and paste them from epsxe to psxeven, it's just the save states.

nossr51 said:
Did you try what I said?
No, I can't find anything apart from dead links.

Could you upload it at please?


Edit: found it... but doesn't work :(
nossr51, What is your configuration settings for the SAPU plugin? and how EXACTLY did you do this?

Thanks :)
Jordi_Overlord said:
At the end of the disc 1 you can use a save point or you are asked if you want to save. If you do that you can close the emulator, restart and load the disc 2 and then load from the memory card.
Did you actually read any of the other posts? I couldn't even save to the memory card.

Anyways, earlier today i managed to get onto CD 2 from loading the old memory card save, took a while (and the bosses seemed harder :confused: ), but anyways.

Thanks to everyone for trying to help its apreicated.
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