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FF7, changing ISO's..

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Hey guys,
I just completed FF7 disc 1, it is asking for CD 2 but it won't play for some reason...

The CD is an ISO, but the problem is just switching between them whilst it asks.

I've tried using the ISO's directly, and i've tried emulating them as a CD rom too.

It just sticks on the message insert disc 2.., i can't try saving to memory card, loading CD 2 up then loading it because for some reason ePSXe crashes everytime i try to load the memory card up (i think it's something to do with me quicksaving).

Any help is apreicated, thanks.
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Are you trying to load up a game from a savestate from the first disc onto the second disc, or an actual memory card save. Only the latter would work.

In my experiences with any disc changes, I saved the game when asked, and restarted (the emulator) completely, and loaded and continued from there.

Does it give you an error message when it crashes?
XtR0nAk3R said:
In epsxe, i can load games ok, it's just when i'm using my save state THEN trying to save to the memory card.
Then it wouldn't be any specific problem to your case alone. Savestates themselves are known to cause problems. I'd avoid them whenever possible (personally, I never use them).

As for the saves, I think you have to change the format to transfer them over. Something about altering the last letters after the period in the file name, or something I believe? I think that's wrong, but I'll let someone else answer that.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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