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I understand that alot of you get these questions alot. I have throroughly read alot of different posts on this and since I still can't find anything, I will explain my predicament.

First off, my setup::
Windows Xp Professional
Radeon x1950xtx video card (512 mb)
AMD Athlon X2 dual core 4600+ (2.4ghz each)
2GB Ram

So setup wise I am not lacking. Currently i've tried a variety of GPU's, most of them working flawlessly besides a few problems. Pete's PSX OpenGl 2 Driver 2.9 works especially well, the battle swirl is perfect. I do have problems sometimes with unusual slow downs or rapid speed ups in game play. And when using certain spells/limits/summons, the graphics and sound slow down to a bear crawl before returning to normal. This usually happens when theres alot of effects on screen. Also note that the differences between very high and ultra high, when switched, made no difference in making it faster or slower. A screencap of the current settings is here ::

Pete's D3D (DX7) ((And DX6 D3D)) Driver 1.77 has no real slow downs where the OpenGL 2 did. It works nearly flawlessly except when it comes to the battle swirl. On typical settings, the swirl doesn't show up at all, however if I change the following settings:: "Set off-screen drawing to 4,enable the FF7 special game fix, and set framebuffer access/textures to 0/4 " :: The battle swirl will occur however it's an incomplete one (Like a 30 degree angle), only turning a few degrees before stopping without swirling in into itself. These are the settings i have for it in a screencap (without the settings that give it a semi swirl) ::

I've also heard tales about ATI cards being horrible with anything but OpenGl2. What i'm looking for is any type of settings that will atleast give me the full battle swirl, and possibly stop the sudden excellerations or the decelerations whether in combat or not, or dealing with certain spells, summons, and limit breaks.

I hope i've provided a good amount of information and i thank you for your time in reading this. I look forward to a reply.

EDIT 1:: Testing out further, I think I eliminated the slow down for FF7, during summons and what not by manually putting my vram to 512 mb and changing several other settings though I'm not quite sure yet. If you guys have any opinions feel free to let me know, i'll keep an eye on this thread and let you know if anything new occurs.
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