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FF7 and analog stick

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Hello everyone,

It's my first post and i'm pretty new to emulation so sorry if it's a questiont that's been asked a million times before.

I just got a controller (madcatz xbox ripoff) to play FF7 on the computer and I can't seem to get the Analog stick to work.

It recognizes it when I set the controller up but it doesn't work in game.

The directional pad and the other buttons work. Now, I'm thinking to myself, did FF7 even use the analog stick when it came out?

Anyways, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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:lol: FF7 doesn't support analog, it came out a long time before the Dual Shock.

just look on the case. it says Memory Card 1 block and 1 Player...but nothing about the analog controls. ah yes, old school games :)

Hahaha..your right...i see it.

and i also see the "Analog compatible" logo on the FF9 one.

Anyways...thanks so much for the swift reply!

That game brings back so many memories...

True, hushy. My FF7 doesn't state that as well. Only FF8 states that it is vibration/analog capable.
only games that are vibration compatible state that they are :p

unlike the Xbox games which have all the possible things listed on the back and they have the ones filled in that they have..i thought that was odd mean Dolby Surround and such?
Kinda infomative though...but really, I overlooked that part.

Well, not so. It shows what the game can support on the XBox.
get an Xbox game. it will have a grid, and some of the items on the grid are bright, and some are dark. the bright ones are what the game supports and the dark ones it cant support ;)
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