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FF7 again.

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at cosmo canyon i am climbing down the ladder and rope part and i've got stuck on the 1st rope, when i get to the bottom i automaticly get back o nthe rope again and can't get away because of it, same thing happens at the top of the rope.

well this thing happens quite a lot to me but usualy i can get out of it because at the top or bottom of the ladder is a map change, but here it's different.

it must be the way i have cdrom driver setup but if i change anything to that i can't get the emulator to run..

so if anyone can load up my savestate and get me to the botto mof all the ladders and ropes i'd be really greatful.


or if you've had this problem yourself and fixed it somehow.. yeah cheers.
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I think you are refering to camera angles. In fact, in FF7, it cannot be changed and changing the CDR(!) plugin has no effect.

You might have to figure you way outta there...
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