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FF2 Opinions

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Well a few days ago I flashed FF: Dawn of Souls onto my GBA and I have to have a little rave about how annoying Final Fantasy 2 can be.

I'm a little disappointed with the dungeon layout... which is little more than finding the staircase on each floor. Not to mention you get the most powerful weapon halfway through the game. Which weapon is that, you may ask. Its the Ancient Sword. Strong? No... but it has a curse that frequently (90%) causes the enemy to lose a TONNE of defense... allowing you to swiftly kill every boss in no less than 2-3 turns (I killed the emperor in 1 turn).

The advice you get from the NPCs can be so misleading sometimes. Right now I'm up to Palamecia (I think it is?) and they told me to fly my airship over it... I've tried landing all around it and nothing happens.

*checking gamefaqs as I rave*

Really, the game can be quite annoying. Oh, and I also hate the spell leveling up system. I swear its more of a tax than training system. It seems the more commonly you use a spell the more it upgrades... thought the upgrades are very little but the MP cost soars up... like a tax.

I think I'm done :).
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