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FF XII help (Chocobo cheat code)

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hey guys, I'm new here and need some tips about how to make some cheat codes work on PCSX2.
currently playing FF XII, love it! but sometimes I found it really boring to run through all the maps and wish could have a chocobo at any time when I want to hop on. so I found this cheat code:
Press L3+Circle to Ride a Hired Chocobo
Note: While pressing L3+Circle, continue to hold it until the screen finishes fading to & from black. Once finished, the lead character is mounted on a Chocobo. (Unfortunately, the Chocobo leaves after one second.) Press Triangle & then Circle to view the Minimap, Sprint & Time. Also: This only works in the areas where a hired Chocobo is normally able to travel.
CB2v1+ & GS2v3+
1054FB40 0000000D
1054FB64 00000002
unfortunately this doesnt work when I add them to my pnach file, other code I have work fine,like ''Enemies Drop More Loot'' or
comment=Chocobo unlimited sprint + time
I notice that all the working codes start with 2, other codes with other beginning letters/numbers just dont work.I also tried to use ''Press R1+R3 for Super Speed''
D056BADC 0000F7FB
1025C7E8 0000424B
I changed D0 and 10 into 20, game gets loaded but the camera keeps spinning like hell.
I also tried the new pcsx2 beta version but couldnt get my saved game to work either.
so can any1 pls help me with the chocobo code to make it work?I'm so tired of running everywhere with a 30-40 fps speed.
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i can't help you with you cheat codes but i'm playing ffxii now as well. i really love it, too. my favourite one since viii indeed. but i don't use chocobos that often. i just travel with the teleport christals. you can get anywhere with those.

beta runs fine for me if there weren't those random hang ups... right now i beat rubi mob after 1 1/2 hours and just after that it crashes. never runs longer than that... too bad the stable release is slow for me :\
thanks mate,
even with most of the teleport cristals unlocked I still find it unbearable to run everywhere for those side-quests, I normally ride chocobo to the quest spots and run back on foot, so I wish I could have a chocobo any time I want or I could simply run as fast as chobobo.
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