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Alright. What this topic is for? Its for newcomers and all who would find (same as me) this emulator and would like to know what stage of emulation is Final Fantasy X (1 and 2)

I would love sticky for this, Im totally new here and first thing i would like to know is does the FF X works fully, what are the problems, what stills need to be fixed etc.

I would like to write here all the answers but i cant. I want You, who knows and testing this game regulary, to write from time to time new news about it. So new ppl will go to this thread and will see the newest post = newest true how FF X works currently.

Dunno if my idea is good. Anyway If this topic made by me wont do the thing, i would like to see something like it so ppl wont have to search many threads and make posts etc.

Thanks in advance and truly wish development team of this emu future success.

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