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Hi i'm new here and i have a problem
i use epsxe 1.7 with C2duo e8200 / 2g ram ddr2 / gf8600gt / winxp sp2 ( i think :D)
i downloaded delta to configure epsxe

before download delta i tried almost 5 gpu plugins all from pete or peops and tried every combos with cdr plugins

i use game iso and have patches

my problem is that FF VIII doesn't run at all, i only have a black screen whatever i try, or only have image of a pad on top right corner.
my brother tried on his laptop and the game is very speed ( i already know why now)
can you help me plz?

if my files are on a external disc does it do something?

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had you searched, you would have learned that the PAL copies of FF8 are protected by libcrypt. which means they will not boot directly from all drives even with subchannel reads enabled in the cdr plugin.

Also, you would've learned that ISO'S SUCK for libcrypt as they do not include the disks subchannel data.

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most drives can read them just fine.
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