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I have tried many of the fixes that i have come across, but can't get it working. I am running an iso that i ripped from my copy of FFvii. The game runs OK, but there is massive slowdown during battles. Whenever the enemy or my characters attack, the game slows to a crawl. I have tried Pete's OGL and d3d. They all react the same, just in a different degree of slowness. The current driver setting (d3d) runs the game with some skipped frames and still slows down during battle. I could care less about battle swirl, i just want battle to run smoothly.

(I am running a Dell Studio Laptop, 4GB, Core 2 Duo processor)

Right now i am using epxse 1.6.0
Thanks for any help.

Pete's d3d 1.1.77
GFX Card: Mobile intel 4 series chipset family

640x480 32 Bit

hi res textures: 0
Vram size: 0 mbytes

FPS Limit ON
Frame Skipping Off
FPS Limit 60

Offscreen drawing: 2
Framebuffer texture 1
Framebuffer access: 3
Alpha Multipass On
Mask Bit On
Advanced Blending None

Scanlines Off
Unfiltered FB On
Dithering Off
Screen Smoothing off
Full Vram off
Game Fixes on: 00000001
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