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i noticed that Origins supports rumbling , as there´s a turn Vibration On/Off in its config menu.
sadly, this option is grayed out so i can´t turn it on.
i guess this is a problem with epsxe? so has any1 got this feature to work with epsxe or should i turn to another emulator?
as i understand it , epsxe does not support different control plugins, right?

thanks very much for your help,


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wow, interesting, i did not know Origins had rumble. being that it's the only FF game i dont own i cant look at the case to check it out :(

basically, theoption is greyed out because it thinks you dont have a dual shock hooked up. people have gotten rumble to work with epsxe (or PSXeven with a pad plugin) but it's pretty buggy, and IMO not worth it (come on rumble isnt that great)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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