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Originally posted by Cooptrupp
i have a P3 550, 128ram and geforce, and its relly crapy and very noticeable during battles.
also ive noticed that on VGS it looks much better, for example the message; pùblished by square, etc... what do u think
The speed of the VGS can be very different to the speed of the ePSXe, mainly because the VGS, uses frameskip( automatically ), with this the emulator can seem more quick, but it loses a lot of graphic quality ( yes, even more :D ) the because some things are better in software, as games 2d or the backgrounds of the towns of Final Fantasy VII,VIII and IX, it depends on your 3D card.
Pete's Soft driver explanation ( and this includes the VGS )
on nVidia cards you will notice blurred (or 'smoothed') screens.
Well, some people enjoy that, others do not. You can turn off the
auto-smoothing by disabling hardware accelerated DirectDraw. Go
to the DirectX applet in your Windows Control Panel, start it and
select the DirectDraw tab. Here you can turn acceleration off...
the GPU will become slightly slower, though. And don't forget
to re-activate the DD option, else you will have troubles to
start DirectX based PC games.
My card can also make that Pete! :cool:
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