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ff ix game saves, please help!!!

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This is the problem: I have just saved in Dali Village Inn on disc 1 just before the flying ship CGI. My Game CD is damaged at that point so during the CGI my game freezes. I desperatly wanted to continue playing and so I downloaded some save states from the internet and loaded from the next savepoint after Dali Inn ( Castle/ Guest Room). The game went on smoothly but the problem is that all the saves from the internet are altered in the way that all characters are level 100, all posible items in the game count 99, characters have abillities that are from much later in the game ... This spoils the game completely and I would like to ask if there are "normal" non altered saves somewhere on the internet ( perhaps the Castle/Guest Room save)?
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What ePSXe version are you running? If 1.6.0, downgrade to 1.5.2. The latest version has compatibility issues with FF titles.
Why is this in the news submissions forum?

(also that problem happens with a bad ripped release that you probably downloaded from the internet .. it is a known problem with the kalisto release. If so then you will most likely not get support here.)
I had the same problem and mine was real. Regardless, moved.
while it is possible that the cd is damaged on this point, it is exactly the same point when 1.6.0 crashes.
topic-creator, you are using epsxe 1.5.2, right?
that's what moomoomoo suggested, so let him try it out. everyone has that crash at Dali, don't worry about it ;)
Wow, that was quick! Yes I was using ePSXe 1.60 and when I tried the 1.5.2 version everything went on great. Thanks!
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