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FF IX freezes in Memoria, plz help!!!

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hey everyone, i need some help. i'm playing FF IX on ePSXe V 1.5.2 and the game ran smoothly through the first 3 cd's, but on the 4th cd, in memoria, after you fight the first boss and reach a place that oversees "alexandria castle" in the words of the characters, the game just freezes.... maybe a CG clip should start at that moment or something i dunno... can you plz help me fix it?

P.S. i'm using Pete's D3D Driver 1.75 as my video plug-in.

thanks in advance,
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If you are using 1.6.0, then use 1.5.2 as there are known issues with FF9 and ePSXe 1.6.0. A simple search of the forums would have revealed this information to you. try the button between "new posts" and "quick links" next time.
A simple look at the first line of my thread would have revealed to you that i DO use 1.5.2.... plz read the thread carefully before responding^^" thanks!^^
ok first of all, dont bump threads please.

ok onto your problem...have you tried NOT using save states? i.e., loading off the memory card? how about PSXeven? or a differnet video plugin?
hmm..... ok, i'm sorry... and i don't use save states..... i could try a different video plug-in, you're right, and what's PSXeven?
oh, i found PSXeven.... and i get the same problem!! could my disk be damaged or anything?
perhaps. are you using CD or ISO? if ISO, remake the ISO. if CD, try a different plugin and make sure to take it out to see if it has any physical damage.
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