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Hi there,
I just have a question concerning the new re-Release of Final Fantasy IV ( II in US).

When it came first out for the SNES i immediately bought it and have played through about 30times...

Now I heard about the redesigned Version on the PSX( as it turned out - Same Graphics as on SNES, just added Movies)

I've also heared about Final Fantasy IV "Light" and "normal".

As far as I know, Light is much easier and missing some Scenes, it is the Version sold everywhere in the world except in Japan.

Now I was interested, because the new PSX Version should be the far better japanese one.

I have just started playing, but as far as I can make out, there are already missing things in the Intro .
(Example: Cecil is attacking Mysidia by his Kings command, in the new PSX Version the Mysidians do not say anything, in my SNES Version they DO!)

Also the translation is much more child-Oriented and you could even say "bad", concerning the atmosphere.

I must admit, i am still in the Castle, maybe it will get better -
but I would like to know:

Can this really be the much better japanese Version, or am I somehow wrong with this?


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Well there were (and are) 2 ff4:

The easy type:

Like u said, easy to complete, censored a lot (all the terms reffering to "murder" "blood" and "kill" aren t in this one), well a child game...

The hard type:

The original FF4 game.
It s not censored, all the scenes are here, and quite difficult to beat.It s just (hum dunno, at least seems) the japanese FF4 translated...

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