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FF 7 problems

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Hiya well im just full of questions so...........

Im trying to play FF7 but its running verry slow and evry time there is a fmv or a cut scene (I dont really what it is because I cant see it @[email protected]#$) the screen turns grey. And when I wanna choose a Magic spell i cant see the pointer [email protected]#$%.Also the bottom of the menu screen is pretty [email protected]#$%^.I know its not my comp because I played FF 9 without a problem ( On a low setting :) ).
I have a :
800 MHZ pentium 3 And a ATI rage Pro 8mb
im using petes 3d plugin 1.51 and Iori's sound plugin 1.4

What should I do????????????

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow thnx that really helped.............
Be Wellcome :D

But really your vid card isn't very good...
You could try the OpenGL port of Pete's Plugin
Unfortunately he's sort of right. The Drivers seem to be sensitive to what your display card is. my Diamond Stealth 3d 2000 for example simply doesn't cut it ;)

I use soft GPU's with i.

Hate to tell you this, but he is right about the vid card, that is what is really holding you back. Just put down a bit on like a tnt2 ultra and that should hold you for a while without being at all expensive. The best plug-in for you right now is Pete's d3d which I see that you're using, as ATI's opengl icd for their rage pro is exceedingly slow. And by the way, are you using his dx6 plug-in? That would probably work better. Also I see that there's an option in the special options that is for ff7 (textured window alignment) which may or may not help with anything. I don't know, I don't own ff7 psx. Settings offscreen drawing to standard or extended may be needed as well.
What do you mean with his dx6 plug in?
Pete has two d3d pluggins... One is a dx6 version and the other is a dx7.. You should see them listed in the video config option.. If not, unzip petes pluggins again.. And try what gerbilcannon suggested.. For best speed though, I think you should use petes software pluggin or the other software pluggins available.. Your processor speed is good but your vid card sucks.. Software pluggins rely more on your processor speed than the hardware pluggins.. Which rely more on the type of vid card you have.. If you just can't do without the beauty of hardware acceleration, try playing the game at 640x480.. Or lower.. Or just click on the fast button in petes d3d pluggins..
I recently bought a GeForce 2 MX w/ 64 MB RAM for $90 on eBay... these things are getting really cheap. Bite the bullet and plunk down the cash for a solid GeForce 2, you'll thank me later :D

As for your game... with a sucky (no offense) video card like that (and a decent processor), you'd probably be better off running in Software mode. Also, the resolution you run the game in has a massive effect on the speed.
well..if downloaded the plugin it works great now only one of the colors is [email protected]#$%^it should be dark only its bleu its only a thin line on the screen only its verry annoying
It could be driver related...
Are you sure you using the latest drivers for your card? (as if ATI updates their drivers very often. :)
You can try to mess a bit with the resolutions or try to play windowed, that might help with the black line you spoke of. As of anything else, it can't be helped with that card... :)
hmm well with petes soft driver it works ok only the screen is very small and whenn i make it bigger its verry ugly and trust me that is not because of my vid card and relax im buying a new one :)
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