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FF 7+8+9 Battle Intro Sequences

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Hmm.... I guess thats what they are to be called, you know, the blurry stuff thats hard to emulate. Well anyways. I was wondering if it was possible to emulate, fast. Right now I just use Petes D3D Plugin with software Advanced Blending and it goes a bit faster. But on FF7 (which I JUST got, I figured I had to get them all ;) ) it just gives me a black screen and skips it, though this isn't much of a problem becuase I don't care much for the blurry nothingness, but is there a way to have it, full speed?

PS - I guess I forgot to say that it shows the blur on FF8 and FF9 but it's still slow, even with software Advanced Blending.
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I think what you want is a AMD 4.2Ghz and a Geforce 7 running Pete's OpenGL 3.47 with Full Vram Primitives. Unfortunately it'll be while before that's available.:D
... of course by the time that we have that we'll all be over at ngemu answering the same question concerning the FFXII effects on eps2e.:D
Play the game from an ISO instead of a CD. Works beautifully for me in FF9. Unfortunately, I dunno how to activate it in FF7, 'cause I have the PC version :p Somewhere in these forums are the instructions to make ISOs, just use the search. Too lazy . . .

BTW, I love what they're doin' with the GeForce7 :D

You can see the swirl effects for FF7 there. 3rd page..
I use a voodoo 5 though...... You could try to enable graphics card buffer on petes pluggins.... And set off screen drawing to 4.. It would still slow down though... Somehow lewpys pluggin does the swirl effects at full speed on FF7,8,and 9 for me... Maybe because I got a tbird 1000
The swirl effects in FF7 won´t appear with Petes OGL or D3D plugin!
But I get the pre-battle effects with FF8 and FF9 without a slowdown (I have a 1Ghz TB, GeForce2MX, 256MB...) and with using the original CDs (internal CD plugin).
Making an ISO might help, but you should try Pete´s CD-Plugin before...
Your system seems perfectly fine for emulating these effects
(even if you choose Full Vram Primitives, mine does them without a slowdown, but I chose the GFX-Buffer)

Hey fivefeet8, just call yourself lucky, cos Lewpy included this effect-emulation for FF7 in his plugin ;)

ok i'm just a curious here, but why is it that in vgs the bluring, and all that other stuff that makes epsxe run slow (like the priate ship in chrono cross :mad: ) runs perfectly?? I know that it is all in software and that there are no 3d enhancements, but my processor easily handles the stuff with vgs, but why is it so slow with epsxe. i hope my question make sense :eyes: i'm not a programmer but i would like know.
Simply because it's hard to emulate in hardware,while it's easy in software.
i'm still confused. i understand that the dx (i don't use opengl cause it runs slow) plugins use hardware, thats obvious, and the full vram is software. tell me if this right ok... the reason it is slow for the special effects ie. blur is because the 3d is still being enhanced. it is not possible to unenhance (is that a word) the 3d during the blur, and then re-enhance it, although that would probably look ugly. oh well. i just wanna learn as much as i can, i guess if i want it to run better i'll have to pick up a geforce 3.
If you want to learn some tips and other stuff you should do a search for posts by Lewpy or Pete Bernert.
with FVP and software vram, images will be drawn in both hardware and software. basically you are running two gpu plugins at the same time.
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