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Hey guys!
First of all, everywhere I looked, people said Ferrari F355 Challenge doesn't work or you can just get in game. That's not true - you can actually play it on an emu, search on youtube.
Second of all, here are the weird things that I get:
-in race, when the camera gets IN the car, the speedometer and all the other shiny green/cyan things disappear, which is very annoying and I think would make it impossible for me to play with a manual gearbox.
-AICA: elsemi's AICA works best - everything moves BETTER, the sound is nearly PERFECT - but sometimes, it just freezes the whole game. NullAICA is choppier, but doesn't make the game freeze.

If I use Chankast's PVR, I get way more graphical aberations that NullPVR.

I'm running all this on Vista Ultimate x64 (yeah, not the best choice afa compatibility goes).

Got any suggestions?
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