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Hello i post this feedback i send to the support for know if someone else have the same problem with the V4.17.15.0 of X360CE:

when I start a game which is configured in X360CE (while being in administrator mode, and having checked the new option’s box "auto switch configuration when game focused"):
  • when the game's .exe is opened, the configuration changes from "x360ce.exe - X360 Controller Emulatore" to the configuration of the open games, ”AT.exe” in my exemple (i tryed with 8 differents games who works grate before the update).
  • when I close the game with its menu or with alt + F4, the game closes normally.
  • But in X360CE the configuration remains on the configuration of the game which was opened (in “AT.exe” config)
  • It is necessary at this moment to click on the window of X360CE or on the desktop bar off windows tools (at the bottom right) to reset the default mode "X360CE.exe - X360 Controller Emulator".

I used before the V4.16.8.0 version, and I have all uninstalled and cleaned up before updating to the latest version. I also redid tests with V4.16.8.0 with the system files of V4.17.15.0 and the problem does not appear the mode by deffault is reactivated well without manipulation.

For information I use X360CE with a retrogaming front-end, X360CE is therefore unusable with this anomaly for me because I need the software to return to default mode as soon as a game is closed and without having to access the interface of this one.

my config informations :
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro X64
  • Virtual gamepad Emulation Bus (polling rate : ms&_1000Hz), (try also with the ViGEmBus_setup_1.16.116)
  • Hid Guardian Virtual Device (auto-hide mode active)
The V4.16.8.0 of X360CE is all fonctionnal on my system (but the problem “when mappings from other games would merge into currently selected game”, block me for certain setting hence my wish to upgrade.

thank you for helping me please 🙏🏻.
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