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Fear Effect 2 Disk 2

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I'm playing Fear Effect 2 from an ISO image. During Disk 2, a couple of trouble loomed up,

1) The background (them MDEC ones) failed to appear after a load state.
2) During the hedge maze, the screen was covered up with textures, making it impossible to navigate.

I'm using Pete's DX7 driver on a Savage 4.
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I haven't played this game and I don't know about the mdec thing, but maybe you could use a software renderer to finish the hedge maze part. Its only a guess. A different GPU may also fix the Mdec problem.
Nope, using software rendering didn't help either. It was like that part in Chrono Cross inside this tower where a texture-thingy was overlapping the middle part of the tower, in both bleem and epsxe. As far as i remember, vgs didn't render it correctly either. Are those textures supposed to be translucent or something?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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