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FBA Game Selection screen

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Hey folks.

A lot of you must have already seem or at least know that the guys from the Final Burn Alpha project make its source code available just like MAME. Some time ago, I grabbed the code and have been making some changes I see fit my wishes/needs.

Anyway, I've already made a few modifications in the game selection screen of the emu, but I still fail to implement icons in that tree-view object (the selection list itself). I would like to assign 3 different icons to the different status that each each driver (game) can have. For example, icon1.ico should appear with games that are available, icon2.ico should appear for games that are not available to play (don't have the game) and, finally, icon3.ico should appear for non-working drivers. I can modify the text and background color of the tree item to represent each of these states, but I'd like to do the same with icons and my trials have not succeded. Did I make sense here?

The source should be available from if anyone wants to take a look. I suppose such modifications should go on the file src\burner\sel.cpp (excluding essential declarations done in other header and/or resource files -- I've taken care of those already).

Is anyone able to spark some hope in me by explaining more or less how should I proceed to get this done, please? :) Thanks in advance.

(BTW, I'm referring to the source from version, so if you need MY sel.cpp file, please PM me. Also, I'm aware that the last version contains icons, but I dislike the implementation they used, via the DrawIconEx() function -- you can't scrool the list horizontally by that way.)
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