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Here's the what's new;

* Added driver for Black Tiger [iq_132]
* Added driver for Block Out [iq_132]
* Added driver for Mug Smashers [iq_132]
* Added driver for Pirates [iq_132]
* Added driver for Tao Taido [iq_132]
* Added clone of Double Dragon 3 to the Double Dragon 3 driver [Barry]
* Added clone of Power Instinct to the Power Instinct driver [Barry]
* Added Street Fighter 2 Rainbow Set 3 to the CPS-1 driver [Barry]
* Applied fm.c fixes from MAME 0.128u2 [Barry]
* Added support to Zet to get the DE register [iq_132]
* Fixed the sound in Double Axle [Barry]
* Corrected the clocks in Prehistoric Isle fixing the music tempo [Barry]
* Fixed decryption for Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha and clones [Barry]
* Matched all sets to MAME 0.128u7 [Barry]
* Changed the version string to include leading zeros in the final section [Barry]
You can download the new version here;
Source Code
Unicode Binary
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