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Hey guys, I know that this should have been posted earlier but I kept forgetting hehe. Anyways, it's not too better now than never, right?

I don't know how it is for other countries but for America, when fall comes around, that means that a whole new batch of tv shows and continuing tv shows come back to life with new episodes! There have already been some complete winners and also complete losers in the past few weeks that these shows have been back on air.

I want to know what are NGemu's members' favorite tv shows of this fall season. Do you have any disappointments? Any surprises with any of the shows? Are there shows that you have wanted to see but you haven't checked them out yet?

Btw, if you don't live in America you can still participate in this thread. ;) Just tell us what new shows your country have come up with and describe them to us please!

My favorites so far this season (in no particular order):

1. Hell's Kitchen

I think it was released over the summer season but oh well. It's a good show. It reminds me of the days when I was a waitress and would have to go into our kitchen. Lol.

2. Mad Men

This was another one that started back into the summer season. It is one of the best cable shows on tv right now. It won the Emmy for best television drama for the second year in a row! I love watching this on Sunday nights. It's really different from all the other shows I watch.

3. Glee

*cough* Again, the first episode came out I believe during the end of American Idol's season finale. Then they brought it back for the fall season for FOX. It's one of the biggest surprises for me! This show is amazing! I freaking love it. :) If you like musicals like I do then give this show a chance!!!! And if anyone asks...I have never seen High School Musical but I have heard from the reviews that Glee is nothing like that at all but it's so much better so don't fret about it if you hate HSM with a passion.

4. The Vampire Diaries

I am really really surprised with this one. When I first saw all the previews of it on tv and what i read from the magazines, I was not impressed. I thought that it would pretty much be like Twilight (didn't like the series) and everyone looked so pretty. :p Seemed like Gossip Girl with Vampires. I was bored the night it aired. I was in a lot of pain and the only good thing that was on was this show. I watched it and immediately i was hooked! The fact that there is a vampire masking as a high school boy and dating the high school girl are the only things that can be compared to Twilight. These two brothers have fallen in love with the same girl and wanting her attention. One brother is evil and the other is good. It's just such a great show. I love it! Tons of drama, romance and action. I love Damien's witty remarks.:p

5. Man vs. Food

I just really love this guy and his love for food lol. He goes to every state in the country to find strange competitions in restaurants about food. Last episode he ate like a gallon of a milk shake and a sandwich that was six pounds. He was the third person to ever win this competition. Lol. I just find it interesting.

6. America's Next Top Model

I am a sucker for this show. I love to see all the drama and I love to see how they can make a simple person turn into something so elegant in pictures. It amazes the artful side of me. I find Tyra to be a bit....egotistical at times but heck, it's a great show!

7. The Office

Loving the Office still. I have seen the past 5 seasons of it when it first aired. I'm still a loyal fan. ^_^

8. Grey's Anatomy

I watched the whole five seasons in time to watch season 6 of Grey's. All I can say, is that I've missed my grey's anatomy so much. :( I'm way happy that they're back! Tho I am still upset that one person had to die...

9. FlashForward

I guess in this show, they wanted people to like it by calling it the new "LOST". Since the show was called that by critics, I sat down to watch it since i'm a big fan of the LOST show. I was really disappointed :( it was just so horribly boring to me and very slow paced.

10. The Community

I only saw this show cause i was so bored but when I saw it I was giggling so hard. Lol. This is a great comedy. I've tried to keep up with the show but I've lost track of it. But I know that I would like to watch it again on reruns or something. :)

Alright guys! So tell me about what shows this season that you like! :x3:

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Castle - Nathan Fillion makes it brilliant

Bones - decent watching

Wipeout - watching people fall spectacularly is a great way to treat a lazy sunday night

Iron Chef - Repeats but still magnificent

Mythbusters - questionable methodology on some experiments but great fun

Southpark - still as funny after all this time

Entourage - finally on free to air tv and rather interesting. Ari is absolutely classic.

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House, Madmen, and Dexter.

By far the best shows out there IMO.

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Unlucky. The tv programs in where I live aren't as good as mentioned above. You have to have certain paid services to watch those. I usually stick to news when it comes to watching television, as other local series are just horrendous to say the least .

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Dexter (wow! the only word i can think of to discribe this is unique. i REALLY need to catch up on it. can't wait to see how this trinity killer thing plays out.)

Californication (david duchovny is awsome! the theme of the show doesn't really interest me, but the jokes are very funny and well written. they made a sly joke about postpartum depression funny! that takes some skill.)

( really sucks that i just now started to get into these two shows, after 2 yrs of free showtime and now i only got 3 months left >_< )

Mythbusters (how can you not like a duck tape boat! and kari is still purdy preggers. ya, i had to go there..)

South Park ( didn't enjoy the dead celebs one, but the wrasslin one was good. still overall just a funny show in that pure nonsense way.)

Man vs. Food ( I LOVE shows like this and bizzare foods, but andrew zimmern is just too stuffy sometimes, Adam Richman is very entertaining to watch. I so want to try a deep fried hotdog now...)

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I haven't watched a lot of TV shows this year. I remember watching Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 1 and some of season 2, and some of Prison Break the last season.

The goals:

Watch the rest eps of Prison Break season 4
Watch Lost season 5
Watch the rest eps of Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 2
Ugly Betty.

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Ah crap! I forgot about Ugly Betty! Apparently it isn't doing so well this season so they may have to toss away the season. That's really too bad because that show is so good. I really have enjoyed it for the past few years.

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Supernatural 5th season - After the angels came into the picture on 4th season it turned worse but its still pretty good...

Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2nd season - Liked it from the beginning and still do.

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I've become kinda TV and season independent lately. TV here sucks IF they broadcast good series it's at the wrong time. Recently went through The Sopranos, which was on TV here for a season or so some years ago, so I just watched it on PSP instead, while on the bus, on the plane or whatsoever. Video on demand FTW.

Anyway, not to take it off topic too far, I'd probably enjoy Family Guy and South Park a lot, if I'd take the time to sit down every night at the same time.
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