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Favorite Car

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Most Your Favorite Car(S) Pictures!!!
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not my favorite...

u can have the boxter
if i had a porsche...
HEMI High Performance Engine
426 c.i. / 425 h.p. / 490 ft-lb
1 of 108 Hemicuda Hardtop's Built
4.10:1 Dana axle, Sure Grip
Shaker Air Induction
4-Speed Transmission w/Console
Radio Delete, Painted Steel Wheels
Front & Rear Spoiler Package
Bucket Seats (Black)
Winchester Gray Metallic (GA4)
Build Date: 10/22/70, Detroit, MI
Dealer: Osborne Mtrs, Glenwood Spgs, CO
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yuppies drive porsches
rc car...

Originally posted by Xeven
hey speaking of toy cars.. have you ever had any of those mini RC racers? you know, the one's with the 'gas' engine and you have to build the whole car and paint it and stuff.. and it runs at 60-80kph using a souped up engine? man.. i love those things.. i have 3 cars like that.. to bad i haven't played with them in a while.. :(

me either
used 2 have a "rowdy baja" 4wd/gas
what a monster - could only run it in the hs football field!
(i have had a few rc- 10s also)
btw - great supra pics...
1 - 7 of 48 Posts
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