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Favorite Car

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Most Your Favorite Car(S) Pictures!!!
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I really would love to have an old Ford Mustang Fastback...
Tom_E: you double posted a car, change it please.

BTW, does someone have a pic of a Fastback?
Originally posted by Xeven
why? coz it's only got 2 wheels? :heh:

(whatever the hell happened to my grammar?:eyes: )
1- nope, it's because i don't see the engine... it could be a nice one :wink:
2- use babelfish, it will surelly screw your grammar :D
Well, when I find out what a tamiya is, i'll laugh... :confused:
Originally posted by Xeven

umm, it a toy mini4wd racer with customizable parts such as engines, chassis.. etc :heh:
Aaahhhh, Now I understand. Ha!
Have you ever attached some C4 on it and a detonator and blew them under a car. That's so funny! :D
Originally posted by Xeven
err.. nope? :heh: :p
Neither I, but in movies they're funny ;)
1 - 10 of 48 Posts
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