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Yeah, thought of another one, one wonders what I will post about after I run out of poll posts to do.

this time whats your favorite character from any RPG or, any game period.

Fav game characters

1) Alucard (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
AKA Dracula backwards, son of dracula my all time fav character

2) Magus/Janus (Chrono Trigger)
He was just great, and using a sccythe as a weapon was cool too and his theme music was my fav music in the game

3) Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)
Ok, so he was the bad guy, but has there ever been such a totally psychotic but still lovable bad guy like Kefka :)

4) Vinceint (Final Fantasy VII)
My fav FF7 character just cuz he was so mysterious and cool

5) Cecil (Final Fantasy IV)
The dark knight turned paladin. Cecil was so great, my biggest dissapointment in FFVI was there was no cecil, but then again at the time I didn't know that Square's FF series had nothing to do with each other cept some where technology meets magic.

And as a added bonus, favorite anime characters :)

1) Kenshin Himura (Rorouni Kenshin)
Most hear his name said Himura Kenshin but I realize thats in jap when they say that and in jap you say the surname first, so I reversed it for the english speaking community (tho I don't think they reversed it when they dubbed it) Kenshin was just cool, the great killer who swore an oath never to kill again. Watch the series, then watch the OAVs, the OAVs are some of the VERY BEsT anime I have ever seen.

2) Xellos (Slayers Next and Slayers Try)
The mysterious preist, very mysterious and a great character I think.

3) Ryoga (Ryouga for you manga fans) (Ranma 1/2)
The eternally lost boy whom I took my handle from, in somethings I have changed my handly to Kenshin, but since most know me as Ryoga I have stuck to that.

4) Recca (Flame of Recca)
A ninja as a infant sent 400 years into the future at the expense of his mother never being able to die. Can shoot fire from his hands, pretty cool series

5) Tenchi (Umm, lets just say there are to many series to mention, but if you see his name in the title, he is in it)
Tenchi, giving a bios for him is kind of tough, cuz he is slightly dif in each series, but mostly he is half Jurain living on earth. Plus he has all those girls after him :)

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FFVII: Yuffie. 'cause i like ninja girls like Makimachi Misao. :p

FFVIII: Quistis. 'cause everyone else likes Rinoa ;)

FFIX: Amaranth. Whip ass now, take names later. :)

Metal Gear Solid: Snake. and Otacon. ;)

Contra: those two guys, whatever their names are. :)

and, of course....Shiori Fujisaki from Tokimeki Memorial. :)

'nuff said. ;)

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(not in order)

dogmeat /FALLOUT(1)
ex-cop / Forsaken
definitly SONIC the HEDGEHOG
GUNTHER / Dues Ex(lipution machine haha)

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Originally posted by Enigma1982
Fox Hound isn't his name
Fox Hound is name of a group like expert military group which David Hayter used to leader of them.

I didnt mean his name, but his "codename".

snake's codename = solid snake.

snake's father's codename = bigboss

and how about the ninja? Fox Hound?

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Originally posted by Nightmare

I didnt mean his name, but his "codename".

snake's codename = solid snake.

snake's father's codename = bigboss

and how about the ninja? Fox Hound?
I think it's grey fox. After all, Campbell did mention that he's the only one to get the codename 'Fox'

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Magus, Magus, MAGUS!

I stand by my avatar. :p

Who else? Let's see. The Overmind from Starcraft was cool. I want to be a giant alien brain/hive consciousness when I grow up. :evil:

Link, Mega Man, Samus (is there going to be a Metroid upgrade, Nintendo? Huh?!), Amarant (I haven't played the game yet, but he looks like a bad-ass), Orlandu (TG Cid), Tyrant (RE) . . .
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