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Fat32 -> NTFS issue

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I have 40GB HDD divided into three partitions, all of them are Fat32. I want to convert partition E: into NTFS, but when I did it the whole system 'reseted' itself, I mean it was as if I'd just installed it. Is there any way to convert the partition without such surprises?
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Usually FAT to NTFS conversions go pretty smoothly. I've never had an issue with such conversions before. Might be worth researching.

P.S., Interesting sig. By coincidence I actually have the DVD of The Grudge in front of me right now.
Yes, I'd like it to go smoothly, but unfortunately it doesn't... Oh and I used Partition Magic 8 to do it, maybe that's the case?

PS. Thanks for your comment on my sig :)
Quite possibly. Windows XP has its own conversion program, which is what I used.
Hmmm, where is it if I might ask?
Problem solved, thanks guys :)
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