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Is there any way to make the swirl effect go faster before you go into battle? My machine slows to a crawl for the swirl, then speeds back up for battle. I noticed that you have to have the buffer use the "grafx card" to have the swirl. Otherwise, using vmem or black just has a black screen before battle. I know it's a minor thing, but I just want to get the most out of my experience!

Also, does anybody know what using vmem would give me that black won't as far as visual differences?


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First of all...
which plugin do U use?
Pete s OGL??

If yes , just disable ur FSAA

I don t know what u re talking about ...vmem??

Perhaps emulated vram that s it??

Well, if u have a very POWERFUL computer, just enable it
activate offscreen drawing (standard 'd be perfect for ff9)
and enable the full vram primitives...ALL the swirl and motion blur effects will be there.
If U think it s slow down too much...too bad , do like me and put the Framebuffer effects to Black.(BTW, gimme ur computer configuration.)

Hope that should help U!

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My PC's slow. 300 MHz. I just posted the question and kept my fingers crossed on a solution. I don't really need the swirl. Also, i wrote this at work, so I didn't have access to the settings. I was trying to pull everything out of my head from memory.

Anyway, thanks for the help!

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My average FPS with FF9 is 60 but it can slow down to 30 when entering a battle.check my simple config.

Resolution 640*480
texture R4 G4 B4 A4
Caching Paletized
Use frame limit 60
offscreen draw min/1
frame text gfx card
misc. unfiltered frame buffer

Using Nullz 1.35 driver
Using Petes OGL 1.48

My Old Rig

Celeron [email protected]
Geforce 2 mx
128mb pc100
yamaha 724
delta 52x cdrom

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The swirl effect is allways a problem. But i have a PIII 800EB with the 133mhz fsb and it stays barely above 70 fps when i do not limit the fps. I was having problems with it slowing down to 30 or 40fps untill i enabled 4x agp with my GeForece2 MX card.

I have a voodoo 3500 and it still had the 30 fps slowdown in the swirrl.

BTW: My 800 is over clocked to 900mhz with a 150 fsb. I lowered the speed to check, and it still goes no lower than 70fps. FF9 usually runs at about 225fps.

PIII 800EB w/133fsb
Abit VH6-2
Segate Barricuda III ata/100 7200 HD
Yamaha Waveforce 256 soundcard
Leadtek GeForce2 MX w/ 32mb mem AGP 4X
Kenwood trueX cd-rom
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