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Farmville (facebook flash game)

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Well, some of you may be playing it on facebook, so, I'm starting this thread so that we can all get to be neighbors :p I know most people will think rubbish about this game but hey, it's a great time eater :p

So, anyone willing to be my neighbor / someone else's neighbor / everyone's neighbor, either post your facebook ID here, PM, or whatever :)
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I used to play some farming game on Facebook... But I got tired of it.

Now I play Mahjong instead <3<3<3<3
What about this game that is so freaking addictive?

One of my mom's friends bought a new Desktop solely to play this game
I hide ALL facebook games, surveys, etc. Bull**** spamming up my wall.
i found it boring because all you do is click on the squares. I played pet society for a bit and hacked me some moenyz so i have a kick ass mansion and pet.
Everyone on my Uni is addicted to this damn game and the cafe one too. Making cheesecakes and **** like that.
Yeah... A lot of people at work are totally into it... Luckily I play real games so I don't have to resort to flash games.
Is it just me or is it really that if you've played several flash games, you've played them all?
Most flash games have a replay value of 5 to 10 minutes for me. Cant play longer than that. I get bored.
Same here.
I don't have Facebook, but my brother have Facebook. :(
Yeah... A lot of people at work are totally into it... Luckily I play real games so I don't have to resort to flash games.
^ This.
Been playing it for last few days. Reached level 19. :)

Game is ok. would have been more fun if rates fluctuated like real market and you really had to plan your every move to be successful.
9 ball pool and poker and crazy taxi are the three games i play on facebook
Yeah I don't get what the hype is. I have like a dozen or so Farmville invites
Just keep declining...
Auto decline
I don't even open my group invites page. There's like 200 invitations about god knows what in there.
"a dude has left you a tip at cafe"

"a chick wants to be ur neighbour in farmville"

"help in mafia wars(the most bul crap game ever :p)"

etca re the normally seen things
Ha, i play farmville and cafe world. Although at this point it is just dumb. Hit like level 25 in farmville and theres nothing special unless you spend real money. same in cafe world. just gettin old and repetitive. But if you want. ill be your "neighbors" lol.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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