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First I must say this is unrelated to CD's work on his FAQ. This is just a request to get the FAQ section over at ePSXe Fanatics up and running. I have setup a few categories and subcatagories and will expand it as the sections grow. Please submit your questions on the site, or leave them here in this thread to be used by all. Also if you submit a question and you know the answer then please include it when submitting your question. Thanks for the support and please keep CD's FAQ post going so he can release his FAQ as soon as possible. Hopefully we can work out a deal and host his FAQ when it is finally complete :p

Doh! forgot the url .. you can get to the FAQ section from here: ePSXe Fanatics FAQ Section. Also the Category titles are links as well as the subcategories ... incase you have a general question not specific to a subcategory.
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